As parents, we knew intuitively something was amiss with our son – despite family and friends discounting our concern. After much confusion and anxiety we turned to Catalyst Therapy. Our child received customized, one-on-one treatment that encouraged his motivation and participation. Rather than simply ‘treating’ our son, Catalyst facilitated our active participation in the therapy process, giving us insight and clarity into our son and how he perceived the world differently than others. We were finally empowered with the knowledge, tools and activities to affect positive change and help our son maximize his true potential. Today we have a happy, confident and successful child with a joyful and playful approach to life. Thanks Catalyst Therapy!

Happy holidays and best wishes!

Todd father of 5 year old

My son has been receiving services from Catalyst Therapy for nearly 5 years for his Autism Spectrum Disorder. Since starting Catalyst, my son has shown significant improvement in all aspects of life- including life skills, and managing his behavior. The caring and dedicated staff at Catalyst are extremely knowledgeable and gifted in treating my son’s individual needs- providing the absolute best services in San Diego county. I tried shopping around, to find the best fit for him, and by far- Catalyst Therapy has proven consistently to be the best around! The therapists are all highly trained and know children and their special needs so well! I highly recommend Catalyst Therapy to anyone seeking an Occupational Therapist! We are lifelong fans! We love Catalyst Therapy!”

Melissa, mother of 8 year old son

The team at Catalyst Therapy have dramatically improved our lives. They helped our family to understand that our daughter’s behaviors were symptoms of an underlying issue. Catalyst Therapy gave us an accurate, detailed diagnosis and suggested intensive, comprehensive Occupational Therapy. We saw emotional, social and family issues improve even after the first session. The improvements are ongoing, and long term.

They have helped our daughter to gain positive self-esteem, which is so critical at this age, and to be able to move through the world as other four year olds do – something we were concerned would never happen.

The services we have received from Catalyst Therapy have been the best possible investment we could make for our daughter and for our family.”

Mary H., mother to four year old Mary Ella

My daughter, diagnosed with Autism, seemed to live in “her own world.” She seemed unaffected by people, situations and events. My daughter had a very difficult time identifying and verbalizing her own emotions. Social situations were extremely difficult as she had a hard time interacting, relating to, and communicating with her peers. Her eye gazing and hand flapping greatly impacted her academics, social interactions, as well as her ability to maintain attention and focus.

My son, also diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum, had difficulty maintaining boundaries socially, academically, as well as behaviorally. His tantrums were frequent and intense, his handwriting was extremely large and illegible, and he did all he could to keep the attention in the room focused on him at all times.

After receiving Sensory Integration Therapy and the Interactive Metronome from Amanda at Catalyst Therapy, both of my children made huge strides and improved greatly in all aspects of development. My daughter now lives “among us”- her family and friends! She is able to carry on a reciprocal conversation and stay on topic. Her new ability to communicate has helped to create and maintain three new “best friends” this year at school. She spontaneously shows great joy over birthday parties, holidays and can’t wait to take her daddy to the school’s “Father-Daughter dance” next month! She is also able to maintain focus, clarity, and attention at school and therefore is not depending on as much prompting as previously needed to complete assignments.

My husband and I also saw huge improvements with our son within the first month of receiving Sensory Integration and the Interactive Metronome. He has shown great improvements with balance and coordination and successfully participates in sports such BMX bike racing, surfing, and skateboarding. His handwriting is now legible and he displays some of the better handwriting in his class. His language has also improved. He now participates in appropriate reciprocal conversations with his family at the dinner table, asking us where we went today, did we have a good day, etc.!

My children made greater improvements than what I ever expected, all due the wonderful staff at Catalyst Therapy. Catalyst not only improved the quality of life for my children, but also improved the quality of living for us a family through the Parent Support Group, unlimited resources available to us as parents, and the shared knowledge. Words cannot express the heartfelt gratitude I feel for the Catalyst Staff. I would highly recommend Catalyst Therapy to every family and child coping with any developmental delays.

Mother of an 8-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son