Therapeutic Listening Evidence-Based Brief

Therapeutic Listening is a sound-based intervention that is embedded in a sensory integration perspective. The following link includes a comprehensive review on the current research on participation in the Therapeutic Listening Program. Therapeutic Listening_Evidence-Based Brief For more information, including a new educational video, please visit:

Living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder: The Preschool Years

The following includes tips from occupational therapists to help young children with an ASD dress and feed themselves; be more comfortable with different sights, sounds, and sensations; play; make friends; and do well in preschool. Tips for preschoolers with ASD

Hanen for Kids and Parents

The Hanen Centre has developed programs for parents to assist in their language delayed child’s therapy. Hanen techniques help parents embed language-learning games into everyday activities because we understand how valuable and limited a parent’s time can be. At CTI, we utilize Hanen techniques in one-on-one therapy sessions as well as when working with parents […]

Weighted Blankets For Rent

Catalsyt Therapy offers a 5 lbs. weighted blanket for rental for current clients. The blanket provides evenly distributed deep pressure during use. Frequently used at night to improve sleep, this tool can also be used for a variety activities including sensory breaks or car rides. Includes a cover to ensure cleanliness between users. Cost is […]