Catalyst Therapy has the space and equipment to accommodate children of all ages.  The larger gyms are designed to meet the needs of older children, ages 12 to 17 years.

Swinging is a therapeutic activity used by occupational therapists to provide organizing sensory input and address performance skills including ocular motor, timing, posture and balance.

Catalyst Therapy is an exceptional facility that provides best practice occupational and speech therapy for the pediatric population.  Our clinic has three large sensory gyms, four small rooms with tables, two interactive metronome rooms, two hallways measuring at 50 feet in length, kitchen, children’s restroom, and comfortable waiting room with enclosed play area for siblings.  

Climbing and jumping are therapeutic activities commonly used during treatment with a Sensory Integration approach.

  Children learn best through play.  We utilize play-based activities during our therapy which motivate children to participate and maximize their growth. Parents report that their child looks forward to coming to play at Catalyst and they almost always leave with a smile.